Flower Tea Cookies

_MG_7094Alas, Spring has sprung! There are daffodils beaming in the garden, birds and squirrels scampering about, driving Lola (my cocker spaniel) mad, and my favorite summer wardrobe staples creeping back into my closet. However, I often find myself confused with the weather this time of year. I think that I forget Spring is not Summer. I expect the sun to be full blast and for ice cream to be present every evening. Even here in LA, it is still a little bit chilly, which I feel guilty saying because I know that if California isn’t hot right now, the East Coast much be worse. In fact, my mom called the other day from Santa Fe, NM where it was snowing. Yikes.

So, long story short, these sugar cookies are a great transition to Spring. They are bright and floral, but can be enjoyed with a nice hot cup of tea. With a little nook cut into them, they rest effortlessly on the side of a coffee cup. You can make them with any shape, really, and I look forward to making a festive batch in the distant holiday season when hot cocoa comes back into my life.

P.S. Michelle and I just got home from Thailand! It was the most incredible adventure and I fell in love with Asia. We’re already daydreaming about how to go back. Stay tuned for content about our trip and our favorite crafts that we stumbled across in the colorful, vibrant markets.


  • Sugar cookie dough and royal icing (recipe here)
  • Food coloring (I used purple and orange)
  • Plastic ziplock baggies or piping bags
  • A round glass (or circle cookie cutter)
  • A knife

Follow the recipe on my older post to make your sugar cookie dough. Roll out your dough onto a floured surface until it is approximately 1/4 in thick. In order to save money I used a glass to cut the round shapes rather than buying a new cookie cutter. Continue rolling and cutting until you have no dough left.


Using a knife, carefully cut a slanted rectangle out of your cookie. For this step it’s probably best to just follow my picture because I realize “slanted rectangle” might not make any sense.


Place the cookies onto a greased baking sheet and bake in a 400º F oven for 8 – 10 minutes, until barely golden brown on the edges.


While the cookies are cooling, make your royal icing. Divide the icing into 2/3 and 1/3. Mix the color that you would like for the petals  into the large half and the color for the flower centers into the small half. I used purple for the petals and orange for the centers. Divide the large half of icing (in my case, the purple) in half and mix a tiny bit of water into one of the halves in order to water it down.


Spoon all three batches of colored icing into separate ziplock baggies or piping bags. Cut a small hole in the corners.


Using the thicker purple icing, pipe the outline of the flower petals. Then allow to harden for about ten minutes.


Next, fill the outlines in with the runnier purple icing. Fill it as much as you can without it spilling over the edge.


Finally, pipe the orange icing into little dots in the center of each flower. Allow to dry and serve!



Happy Spring!


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