Hedgehog Match Holder

Hedgehog (15 of 17)

We love candles – who doesn’t? There is at least one scented candle in every room, and that number continues to grow every time we step foot in Anthropologie (anyone have any good self-control tips??). One idea we’ve been obsessed with lately is placing a cute ceramic container full of matches next to your candles, rather than hiding them away in a small cardboard box. We began hunting online for the perfect container and we came across this adorable miniature hedgehog flower pot.

Rather than use it as a planter, we opted to fill it with matches so that we can have them on display next to our candles at all times. We even glued the striking strip to the back so we can light the matches on it, too! The funniest part is this little hedgehog now has the best pink hair-do.


Because this little hedgehog is meant to be a planter, he cleverly has a hole on the bottom so that water can drain out. This hole isn’t so clever though when you’re trying to use it to hold your matches. We placed a paper towel inside to block the hole and prop up the matches since they were too short for the container.

Hedgehog (3 of 17)Hedgehog (1 of 17)

Cut off one of the striking strips from a box of matches.

Hedgehog (5 of 17)

Carefully (yes carefully… fingers were accidentally glued together at this stage!) glue the strip to the back of the pot.

Hedgehog (6 of 17)Hedgehog (7 of 17)

If your matches are attached to the box that they came in like ours were, cut them out.

Hedgehog (2 of 17)

Neatly arrange them in the pot, starting from the inside out. They can be a bit tricky to manipulate but as it gets fuller, they get easier to handle.

Hedgehog (8 of 17)

And that’s it! So simple, but so cute. We guarantee you’ll get a few “awww”s out of it.

Hedgehog (13 of 17)Hedgehog (10 of 17)Hedgehog (16 of 17)Hedgehog (11 of 17)

5 thoughts on “Hedgehog Match Holder

  1. That SO has the awwww factor. What a great idea. GREAT make.

    I hope you don’t mind but … I’ve nominated you for the Blue Sky Tag award.
    There are (as always) a couple of things you have to do in order to claim the award – you have to answer just 5 craft related questions, and then nominate 5 other craft blogs for the award too. After that, you simply set 5 questions for those blog people to answer. Ta Dahhhhh! And that’s it.

    I hope you don’t mind that I’ve nominated you … however, if you would rather not get involved in an award, just let me know and I’ll remove your name and the link, and replace it with someone elses blog.

    You can read more over on my blog @ https://thecobweboriumemporium.wordpress.com/
    If you wish to leave me a comment – eg to say you don’t want to be nominated, then hover your cursor over the title of any post, and gently move it to your right. You’ll see a little, pale grey speech bubble, which will turn a darker colour. Simply click on that speech bubble and you can then leave a comment directly on the post.

    Really like your blog and adore your style.
    Regards ~ Cobs. x


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