Sharpie Ring Dishes

edited-5As of Christmas, I am a newfound ring owner. My mom gave me a beautiful set of three delicate rings from Armenta that I absolutely love, and weeks later I still look down at my sparkly finger wondering why I never wore rings before. Well the truth is, I lose every piece of jewelry I own, so I avoid wasting money on jewelry. As much as I wish I never had to take my rings off, I have to when I’m painting in my studio, doing dishes, or washing my face. Every time I take them off, I wish I had a secure place to put them, dreading that I will lose yet another special piece of jewelry. I began looking for ring dishes online when I decided I should make my own!

I found this set of 13 appetizer plates and decided it was a perfect opportunity to make gifts for my friends and my mom, as well as myself. While making them, I also thought of my friends Rob and Vicky who recently got engaged while visiting here in L.A., and realized that these also make perfect engagement gifts. They are incredibly affordable, yet practical and thoughtful.

Sharpie art is a Pinterest craze I’ve always been eager to try and this was the prime opportunity to do so. Once you bake your sharpie art, it won’t rub off of the ceramic plate when washed. I used metallic oil-based sharpies (the water-based ones won’t work) and decided to use sticker letters to monogram each dish, but the best part about this craft is that you can design your dishes however you’d like with whatever colors you’d like. Here’s hoping I still have my rings by next Christmas!


  • Plain small plates or dishes
  • Oil-based sharpies, or sharpie paints
  • Sticker letters
  • An oven and baking sheet


Place your sticker or stickers onto the plate. Firmly press on them so that the sharpie ink won’t seep underneath.


Draw your design around the letter. I chose to draw a thick stripe of tiny dots that disperse as they move away from the letters.


Carefully peel away the sticker. If ink managed to creep beneath the sticker, use a needle or toothpick to scrape it off, or wipe it away with a bit of rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab.


Finish all of your plates before you bake them. I kept my design uniform, but customized the letters and switched from gold, to silver, to copper.


For Vicky’s engagement gift, I wrote the first letter of her and her finance’s names (R & V) and hand-wrote their upcoming wedding date beneath it.


Once you have finished your sharpie decorations, allow them to dry for at least 72 hours. Then place them on a baking sheet in a cold oven. Heat the oven to 425º F and bake them for 1 hour. Once you turn the oven off, leave the plates inside and let them cool with the oven. The reason for this process is to avoid cracking caused by sudden temperature change.


When they are completely cool, take them out and they are ready to be used or gifted! I would avoid putting them in the dishwasher just in case, but the ink should be very permanent now. Hopefully my friends will use theirs as much as I will use mine! These also make great dishes to put your keys or change on, so you don’t have to be a ring person to make one.



Happy decorating!


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